Is the Administrative Burden of Rx Claims Taking Too Much Time?

Let EHO automate the process, create savings, and free more time for patient-specific tasks

EHO understands that Hospice plans require a concentrated effort to maintain the bottom line. There is a large volume of prescription claims produced for a smaller population of patients. Focusing on cost savings is key while keeping the patient’s immediate needs in mind. EHO specializes in automated prescription drug benefit solutions for Hospice. During the custom benefit design process, every aspect of your business will be taken into account. Spending limits will be established and additional charge controls will ensure you are not overcharged. EHO strives to reduce your administrative burden, so you can focus on running your facility; therefore, EHO pays the pharmacy directly.

EHO Caters to Hospice Plans

  • Patient-specific MARS
  • Hospice medication management systems
  • COP and Pharmacist reviews
  • Conditions of Participation and CMS requirements
  • ePrescribing
  • 24/7 live call center
  • Diagnosis-specific formularies
  • Custom reporting
  • Real-time prior authorizations

A Commitment to Clinical Services

EHO effectively manages clinical utilization through a "real-time audit" of high-cost claims. All claims requiring a prior authorization are reviewed by clinical pharmacists with years of experience in the industry. Pharmacists review prescriptions before they are filled utilizing a live connection into the PBM360 claims processing system. The program has reduced clients' annual pharmacy spend by between 15% to 20% through direct cost savings on existing medications and cost avoidance on newly prescribed medications.

National Hospice Partnership for Dreams

EHO is an experienced, national Hospice Pharmacy Benefit Manager with a deep understanding of the hospice system. Earlier this year, EHO became aware of a unique opportunity to partner with the hospice-specific nonprofit group DreamCatchers. DreamCatchers serves to fulfill the final dreams of hospice patients through chapters run by young adults in high school or college. Their mission centers on intergenerational connection by encouraging young people to interact with typically elderly hospice patients. The partnership goal is to enable DreamCatchers to grow and provide more dreams to a greater number of patients. Initially, EHO plans to establish new chapters with its existing hospice clients and rapidly expand the opportunity to future clients.