HIPAA Compliance Statement

We are fully compliant with HIPAA requirements and standards and have met these requirements for many years prior to the federal regulations. All personnel have passed HIPAA compliance standards tests.

We continue to upgrade our safeguards to ensure secure data exchange. EHO has high standards for prescription and medical data and is very sensitive to participant confidentiality.

Security is always a high priority, not only to protect from data or hardware loss, but also to ensure confidentiality.

Physical security is maintained by an electronic alarm system with door contacts, motion/sound detectors, and biometric authentication access to the building.

Servers employ power-on and user passwords, virus protection, and battery/generator backup systems. Authorized users have restricted access to files. Operating System and security patches are current. Servers are constantly monitored for break-in attempts or other illegal activity. The database servers are not directly accessible from the Internet. Personal data storage is maintained with scrambled, de-identified numbers. Therefore, if security is breached, no personal data are recognized or accessed.

Our web server and internal email systems are secured with SSL encryption technology.