Hospice Conditions of Participation

EHO's Integrated Web Based CoP Program is all about helping you help your patients. You can receive local pharmacy support, or EHO's CoP Program clinicians who are working on the frontlines with you every day. EHO's innovative software and claims processing technology frees you from endless paperwork and provides significant savings on medication costs.

  • Dedicated Hospice Claims Administration Services
  • Admit 24 - Proprietary Data Integration
  • Web Based CoP Program and/or On-Demand Clinical Pharmacy Services
  • Superior Analytical Tools

EHO's Integrated Web Based CoP Review Program can be an instant lifeline for managing your medication therapy at minimal cost. We also have Pharmacists available 24/7/365 for pain and symptom management, consultation and recommendations. Prospective medication review, prevention of drug induced delirium, and alerts of possible adverse drug reactions underscore the daily commitment our Hospice Pharmacists will have to you and your patients.

The above services will help you manage all the requirements for the 2008 Medicare CoP's, and we look forward to working with you to meet this important CMS deadline. EHO's Integrated Web Based CoP Program puts Hospice pharmacists in the trenches with physicians, nurses, and their Hospice patients 24/7/365. This is the most economical and complete review process to meet your CoP Hospice needs. EHO's Integrated Web Based CoP Program will provide you with answers in an instant, when every minute counts.